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You cannot imagine how excited we are to have this on our calendar, "Let's meet in Spain" apart from the experience within its self, for us, it is that golden opportunity to open up our wonderful group of friends, because, during the intensity of this event, we all go away richer in friendship and the power of humanity. We all meet together under one roof, learning and enjoying every day

 knowing that we all have something beneficial to put into this event.


First, let me tell you, this is all about the Real Spain, where quiet little villages are perfumed with the orange, almond and cherry blossom. Where tranquility and inner peace are the key elements to your complete restoration, where the priority is you, you are the star,  and this will be the secret to finding your true self deep inside.


This is an excellent moment for you to connect with your higher self in every form possible, we will work on your mindset, yet still, relax and feel the benefits of rural country living, the old world charm of the real Spain, finding your confidence , your worth and knowing your value, Love yourself for everything you are, we are all unique and we all have something to share. 

You will form part of a select small group, you will have the possibility to work and enjoy each day with us in person, we will all grow together making strong and sturdy roots that will allow us to go forward and be, who we really want to be, don't hide yourself away anymore, we have all done that, but life is for living and we would like you to live it with us. 

This Is A Thursday To Monday Magical Law Of Attraction Trip,

We Also Offer Zumba, Yoga, Breathing And Relaxation Training, Walking Tours And Gorgeous Gala Dinner Saturday Night.

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