Jewellery Collection Exclusively designed

by Johanna Hardardottir for

The Umbrella Of Success

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Orgonite a secret known to only a few, it is incorporated into our personalized magical jewellery.And what is this you may ask? well we aware that most of you are Entrepreneurs or are most certainly powerhouses great or small, so you will love this, Orgonite actually stores universal energy, which so perfectly nurtures and protects our soul, it is an excellent way to dissipate negative energy from our personal magnetic field, which in turn delivers to you a higher more balanced healthy state........ When we meditate and focus, your energy with orgonite, such as a piece of our exclusive magical jewellery you will be able to direct this energy towards your personal healing, protection and spiritual awakening. It's such a privilege to be able to wear a little piece of our magical exclusive deserve it.