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The Umbrella Of Success Team

Brooke Smitham

Brooke Smitham is a mature independent woman, who has lived in Spain for over forty years, having been herself for many years a successful business owner, the old and new school system has weaved together for her perfectly. Also, a Psychologist, Law of Attraction Expert, Coach, Author and having attended the Universal school of Life !! Having a grown-up family and has felt the wonderful ups and downs attached to family life, her experience is vast and hold's a special charm when dealing with people, which is something she loves. She holds a great understanding of people and cultures and has been fortunate to have traveled greatly. Great guidance to have on your team.......

 P.S. She is also a great lover of dogs.....

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Adda Hafborg

Adda Hafborg is an Icelandic lady with the strength and resilience of the Vikings of days gone by, a true believer in herself and capable of climbing any mountain put in her way. With the pure conviction of who she is and where she wishes to go.

A born leader and Author, Entrepreneur who is well-traveled and a wonderful mother of three children, is now a resident in Spain. Loving the Meditteranean lifestyle finding complete balance and happiness in everything she does, while having a great entrepreneurial past, building team organization in 13 different countries. A genuine lover of life, making the most of each and every day - whether it be hers or maybe yours.








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Thousands of people will know Brooke Smitham, for sure for her fabulous blog. I can myself speak about this unique woman after knowing her for more than 20 years of friendship. A grand woman, cultivated intelligent correct and fair, who knows how to listen and always gives you good solid advice, a humble person with a big heart and a good sense of humor. She truly believes in what she does and always finishes what she starts, with a great sense of responsibility, Brooke is super positive, specializing in the Law of Attraction, the author of "The Basic recipe of the Law of Attraction"  her writing flows and transports you to pure evidence. A good guide book, which helps us to understand that life can be easier when applying positivity and the Law of Attraction to obtain success. I say Thank you,

Chapeau Madame for your talented mind and hand.


Top level distributor, Founder of Zinzino, Speaker & Trainer

"In Adda you will meet a passionate woman. She is hungry to learn, grow and create results. When I first met her a few years back, she lived in Iceland and hardly spoke a word in English. Today she lives abroad and is daily stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue her dream. I believe her story will inspire you to take a risk on reaching the next level of your business, and life."


Cofounder of The Ninja Networker, Network Marketing Coach, Speaker, Consultant

"I recently had the pleasure of meeting Adda, her passion and energy was infectious and she really stood out from the crowd. It was clear to me that she is highly respected by her peers and I am proud to call her my friend. She is someone whom I can count on, and I believe she will be a huge success story in the years to come."

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