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Over the past year, our Facebook page has grown in leaps and bounds, especially with the great support of all our followers, who we welcome every day more and more into our thriving community and we just can not express our gratitude enough...... We are in constant growth and expansion and hope that we are now starting to deliver exactly what you want, you only need to ask, we always strive to do our best, giving "The best version of ourselves" we deliver content on a daily basis of different topics and of interest for you, our whole aim is to help you to be successful and also "The best version of yourselves" your happiness is very important to us , we encourage you to reach out to us, when you feel that need and to participate with us in the various challenges we love to produce and collaborate with you.

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Have you visited our YouTube channel, if so we hope you have subscribed and are following this exciting project. It has been great fun and quite an experience developing slowly our YouTube channel for you to able to enjoy audio as a part of reading. We are also trying to cover a varied amount of topics, that will be of interest to you, explained in very simple terms for you all to understand and some which we can incorporate into our daily habits and living. We hope you are enjoying over thirty (at this moment) of our informative videos, and continue to travel our wonderful journey with us. 

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Brooke Universal Life Coach

It’s time to pay back all the good in our lives, to pass to each other everything we have learned, the knowledge we have stored within, and the love we have to share.

I am a fully qualified Psychologist, Life Coach, Performance consultant, LOA practitioner, and author. I have shared this blog with everyone since February 2013, I have been able to help many, but also have been helped by many, this, I am truly grateful for and thank everyone for your support and advice. Should you wish to contact me please feel free to do so, my email is open to you all and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Have you lost yourself, do you feel you are standing in your own way, do you know you are not doing what you wish??  

If you have any or similar feelings within you, you need to be looking at a change, this is a decision only you can make, maybe you are afraid, you lack the confidence......

If you feel that you have missed the boat, that it has sailed without you, I am here to tell you, how wrong you are, your age, gender, education is no barrier to you and what you wish to do with your life, we have all struggled with work, family, you put time limits on everything you do, you lose your way and feel stuck...You stand in your own way, as you don't know where to stand?

There is a place for you to fill, something for you to do, which only you can do!

Are you ready to be YOU?

If Yes, Then I have something for you.... 

I can help you find the real you!

Come And Fly With Me And Let Me Help You Become Shining Butterfly With Big Beautiful Wings!


What is the Law of Attraction to you?

The Law of Attraction is working all the time,

it does not need you to switch it on or off, whether you believe this or not.....

Why do you think we are meeting this way, so what is your dream, your goal, what would you wish to create? When you truly understand and strongly believe in the power of the Law of Attraction ..." that like attracts like" and when and what you feel and think you want on the inside .....the amazing Law of Attraction will enable people and circumstances to magnetize what you want.

There are no limitations to what we can achieve together, you actually already create everything that happens to you, when you feel happy will attract more happiness to you, whatever you can think or feel you can achieve.

Do you accept and allow success in all areas of your life, do you have the courage to ask for what you want, Do you believe it can change you and your and your destiny, you deserve everything you desire and more, you are worthy.

Your whole life has been spent thinking....... thousands of thoughts, that has brought you here, Let's create a life you truly wish to live!

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